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jeudi 17 janvier 2008

1997: 2 books: "PLANèTE TRANSGENIQUE" on GMO risk and « l’ADN decrypté” (1997) – DNA decyphered


Relative proportions of TCAG nucleotides within DNA of genes are structured by Fibonacci/Lucas numbers: there is the "SUPRA CODE OF DNA" discovered by jean-claude Perez in 1991 and fully detailled in this book in 1997...

"We suggested with Jean-Claude Perez working on experiments which we had already made. He quickly fell on an important area within the HIV1 virus which we had spent four years to find".

Professor Jean-claude CHERMANN,
Co-discoverer of the AIDS virus - INSERM - Marseille -
In "Objectif Mediterranée" French economic magazine
May 1993 (1).

" The principle of Jean-Claude Perez's discovery appeals to me. Indeed, it is quite possible, that, beyond the sequences, there is a kind of "supra-code" of the DNA .
That could particularly explain these sequences within the DNA which do not code, which are not used for the synthesis of the proteins and of which one says that they are not used for nothing…

Professor Luc MONTAGNIER, the discoverer of HIV virus
New-york University -
In " Sciences et Avenir ",
" la musique des gènes " April 1995 (2)


We have discovered in 1990 then published from 1991 a mathematical law controlling the self-organization of T C A G nucleotides within DNA.
The sequential sets of DNA nucleotides are organized in long-range structures entitled "RESONANCES". A resonance is a particular proportion doing a partition of DNA according with "Fibonacci's Numbers series" (1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144 etc…). There are the same proportions which those controlling morphology of Natural organisms as Nautilus, apple-pines etc…
Example: consider 144 contiguous nucleotides of DNA resulting from 55 bases T and 89 bases A C G, then, this (55-89-144) proportion is called a "Resonance".
We find thousands resonance within DNA : example, in the HIV virus, long of about 9000 bases, there are thousands resonance (50000), and particularly, very long 6000-resonances overlapping 2/3 of this genomic DNA.
In the mitochondria DNA which is a circular genome of 16500 bases long, we have discovered transgenic possible combinations providing emergence of FIVE MILLION bases length hyper-resonance (see part II of this present paper).
We conclude that NATURAL GENES and DNA are characterized by high-level resonance structures.
In other hand, "entropy" and a poor low-level of resonance generally characterize ARTIFICIAL DNA transgenic sequences.
The physical nature of this structure is located at the DNA STABILITY level.
Then there are many ways of applications and perspectives by example in "antisens" technology, principally in the new promising domain of RNA interference. etc…
This discovery, done in 1990 by Jean-Claude Perez, then researcher in IBM, lengthily was tested and validated since specifically with GeNum start-up Lab., in particular on the HIV genome of the AIDS with Professors Chermann, then Montagnier, both the first discoverers of the AIDS virus.


There is this Fibonacci's proportion which is the key of my discovery of the Supra-code of DNA. It is stated as follows :

Let us consider, anywhere in a sequence of DNA, a contig of bases TCAG of which the length is a number of Fibonacci : for example 144 bases.

If this section is subdivided, for the example treated here, in 55 bases T and 89 bases A or C or G... We will thus say that this unit constitutes a " resonance ".

" A resonance is thus a proportion between 3 successive numbers of Fibonacci. "

All combinative of other combinations is possible:

C versus AGT, A versus TCG, or G versus TCA by example.

One will insist on the fact that the relative positions of the bases inside this section are indifferent. It is before a a whole question of RATIO and relative PROPORTION.

The SUPRA-CODE of the DNA is thus the whole of resonances which one finds, thus, by the systematic exploration of sections of DNA contigs.

One is astonished by the richness and the complexity which form this network of resonances.
One very finds of course as many resonances in the 95% of "junk DNA" than in the 5% of the DNA known as "functional and useful" and "coding for proteins".

In order to give an idea of this "architecture", let us consider the complete genome HIV of the AIDS viruses, it comprises only 9000 bases and practically not "junk DNA":

One discovers there more than 50000 resonances significant lengths.

Among them, more than 10000 resonances are higher than 300 bases and more than one thousand of resonances covers more than 2000 bases.

Several hundreds of resonances "cover" more than 6000 bases, then, TWO THIRDS of the WHOLE GENOME !

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