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mardi 27 mai 2008

Origins of Life GOLDEN HOLE Strange Attractor

The image of black holes is often used to explain the origin of the universe and galaxies.
Here, I'll use the analogy of the golden hole to demonstrate clearly a kind of fatalism, strange attractor, which is a prerequisite to any form of life.

This demonstration, extracted from the end of my 2008 running book "codex biogenesis: the book of 13 codes of DNA" is based on this strange discovery of "the equation of life."

A brief explanation of the graph:

In each of the 3 curves, the central point is the exact average atomic mass while 2 points side correspond to an artificial "noise", a disruption of + / - 0.01% (1 / 10000) of the same real average atomic mass.

On the other hand, each of the 3 curves correspond to different levels or stages of a possible life:
-- The BLUE curve in the background is related to primitive molecules of organic isotopes measured in interstellar clouds (interstellar dust clouds).
-- The GREEN middle curve corresponds to 5000 combinations of organic molecules parity N + H = pair, generated randomly (example: in NH3: N + H3 = 4).
-- Finally, the RED curve forefront corresponds to the averages atomic masses related to the 18 amino acids constructed from CONH bioatoms (excluding CYS here and MET which contain sulfur atoms).

In this chart it is obvious that the more we advance towards molecules present on earth, and "the equation of life" projection becomes pointed and selective, this optimal balance being hyper-sensitive to the slightest disturbance…

Asked to follow:

"Are there on Mars or Titan such perfect balances corresponding to the average atomic mass observed on Earth (pachwork isotopes measured on earth: example O16, O17, and O18 balance)? "

I say that there is a necessary but not sufficient prerequisite towards EMERGENCE OF LIFE !

to follow

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