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lundi 8 avril 2013

"FORM AND SUBSTANCE" ("Le FOND et la FORME" i.e ESCHER) memories of a former conference by jean-claude perez on the mysteries of DNA and genomes ...

Now I propose to discuss on 


-in Arts and photos,

-then in Spheres and Geometry,

-then in GENETICS 
and the HUMAN GENOME !!!

these photos were realized by the french professional 

photograph and filmmaker FLORENT MARCIE

a conference of JC PEREZ on DNA mystery background...


followed by a conference of jc perez on POINCARE fractal chaos background...


followed by a conference of... DNA on ... jc perez shadow background !!!!!

Now, more on



      In ( Perez J.-C. (2010). Codon populations in single-stranded whole human 
     genome       DNA are fractal and fine-tuned by the golden ratio 1.618. - 
      Interdisciplinary Sciences: Computational Life Sciences, 2: 1–13.
      we showed that the population of the 64 codons of the whole human 
      genome,       when reorganizing the universal genetic table using the 
     successive transformed fractal “dragon curve”, self-organized codons 
     populations around 2 atttractors: 1 and (3-phi) / 2. When publishing 
     this paper, I, of course, been very interested in the presence of the golden 
     ratio phi in this rule seemed to be a real tuning of our genome.You 
     understand my surprise when I discovered that my paper and especially 
     the value 0.6909830056 is quoted in a web site dedicated 
      to the intimate structure of atoms, quarks or Higgs boson (Gielen, 2012)
      1381976-7937512.html ).

      But let us now look at the value 
      VOLUME SPHERE = 4 × PI (R * 3) / 3 = 1.381944838 ... 
      We see that it is very close to 3-phi = 1.381966011. We deduce a 
      remarkable discovery: if the radius of a sphere is (3-phi) / 2 then the volume 
      of this sphere is 3-phi ... The error is only 0.0000211732501. Secondly, 
      we note also that 
      the SECTION of the SPHERE is PI×R*2 = 1.499977019 = 3/2. The error 
      is 0.000022981. Thirdly, we note that the surface of this 
      same sphere is 
      = SURFACE SPHERE = 4×PI×R*2 = 5.999908074 = 6 = 2x3 
       with an error = 6-5.999908074 = 0.000091926. Finally, the circumference 
       of the sphere is equal to 2 × PI × R = 4.341574268. Which is very close to 
      3 times the reverse of (3-phi) / 2, effectively: 6 ÷ (3-phi) = 
      4.341640786 then, the error is = 0.00006651754558.

      In conclusion: “A sphere of volume 3-phi has radius (3-phi / 2) 
      which is half the same volume”.

      Corollary: a sphere whose volume is equal to the diameter, 
      the section is 3/2, the circumference is 3 times the reverse of (3-phi) / 2 
      and the surface is equal to 6 has a radius = (3-phi) / 2.

      Finally, if the radius of a specific sphere is (3-phi)/2
      the diameter is 3-phi
      the circumference is 3 x ( 2/(3-phi)) ) 6 / (3-phi)
      the section is 3/2 = 6/4
      the surface is 6=2x3
      and the volume is … 3-phi

      Then to resume: 


Sphere geometry
Human genome
single stranded DNA


                                Sphere geometry
      geometry: radius     diameter circumf.   section     surface      volume
      formula:  (3-phi)/2  3-phi      6/(3-phi)  3/2=6/4   6              3-phi 
      error:      0             0           0.000066  0.000023 0.000092  0.000021            

                     Human genome single stranded DNA
      DNAkind   nucleotides     codons 
      formula:   (3-phi)/2        (3-phi)/2
      error:       ¯0.000993     ¯0.000909

      Figure: The (3-phi)/2 ratio in sphere geometry and human genome.

       We note particularly a kind of “NUMERICAL RESONANCE”: 
      effectively,  ALL ratios are related to the same 3 basic initial numbers: 
      2, 3, and phi.Yes (3-phi) / 2 looks good on a universal value! Here are 
      the proportions of codons and nucleotides populations within the whole 
      single stranded human genome DNA !!!

      YES!!!! (3-Phi) / 2 is probably a major 


      First I recall you that DNA is constitued by the 4 nucleotides T C A 
      and G...

      Finally, I could say you this confidence:
      In the human genome I could demonstrate that the unique coding 
      nucleotide is 
      the "G" base... of the double strand of DNA...

      Then the C or G bases of the single stranded DNA...

      C and G are the...FORM...


         What about T and A ?

         They play the same rôle that 
         "the white of the paper sheet" 
         or "silence to music"...
         T and A are the... SUBSTANCE...

      Then in the whole single stranded DNA, the ratio between C+G and 
      T+A is... 

      Here is the discovered and fabulous ratio between FORM and 
      between C+G and T+A in the billion codon of our whole human 
      or in the 3 billion TCAG nucleotides of this same human genome...

      Like in this magic SPHERE of 3-Phi Diameter and volume !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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